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 Thank you for visiting our website. We continually strive to bridge the gap between the Internet and traditional shopping. 1001ANDMORE.COM offers the convenience of savings and simplicity by providing free coupons online for consumers. By using 1001ANDMORE.COM, consumers no longer have to spend time getting their hands full of ink clipping coupons that either expire or clutter the kitchen drawers for years

1001ANDMORE.COM is a free service to consumers. We also offer advertising opportunities for all local, regional and national businesses. 1001ANDMORE.COM is two fold in its approach:

      • Providing free services to the consumer.
      • Helping businesses advertise and promote their products, services,
        and sales for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

We feel that this type of program benefits everyone involved, both businesses and consumers.

1001ANDMORE.COM delivers targeted coupon information directly to the desktop of consumers who have expressed their desire to receive information concerning coupons, discounts and savings from the local businesses in their communities. Every year, billions of coupons are circulated in the United States. Nearly all are distributed using traditional approaches such as newspaper circulations, money mailers and direct mailings.

1001ANDMORE.COM represents the next level of advertising technology to fill the e-commerce void between traditional consumers who actively use the web but do most of their shopping offline.

To receive specific information about our free advertising program or pricing regarding priority space advertising, please contact advertising@1001ANDMORE.COM.