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Frequently Asked Questions

3. How Does It Work?


3. How Does It Work?
This site was designed to make your visit quick and simple yet provide some level of choices in relations to where you decide to go or what you want to see.
For those of you visiting our site for the first time, we thank you for coming. If you are new to the web than here are a few tips for you.

Links: Links are usually references to other pages on a website. You can spot them because when you move the mouse of them, they will react in some fashion like: change color, change the cursor to a hand or some other object or appear with a line underneath. Please note: if the cursor doesn't change when moving over an underlined word or phrase, then it's most likely not a link.

The opening page has links to just about every page on the site which means you hopefully will not get lost along the way. You will notice that there are several links. They are all pretty self explanatory.

Newcomers Page! This link takes you to a page with links to all the new businesses have joined up with If you click on the banner, it will take you to the coupon and/or website for that business. Each banner is a link to the coupon promotion being offered by that company or a link to their website. For those businesses that do not participate in coupon promotions, they will in turn provide some sort of discount or savings when you mention that you found out about them through's website.

FAQ'S. FAQ'S stands for Frequently Asked Questions, but if your on this page then you already figured it out!!!

Some of our vendors may have links to their respective websites where you can obtain more information about their product or service. Some businesses that do not offer coupons will still provide a discount or savings on a product or service when you mention that you found their ad form the website.

TELL A FRIEND. This link will take you to a form that you may fill out so we can inform a friend or family member at your request. Once you have filled in the information, make sure to include the name of the coupon, company or ad in the comments section if you want to notify your friend or family member about a particular coupon or ad. Otherwise you can leave it blank or add any additional comments you would want them to see. This way they can take advantage of the savings too!

1001 Site Search. This is an internal site search module so that you can quickly find a particular item, product or service. Just type in a word or phrase that relates to what you are looking for and if found it will display a list of links relating to the topic you input. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, it may be possible that the product or service you are seeking is not available yet on our site. Please contact us at: so so we can work on adding that item, product or service to our site for you and others.

The main point of this site is coupons. Under the listings of San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley, you'll see 2 sets of columns of listings of the categories and/or services being provided. Each item listed with an underline is a link to the coupons or web page for that business. Just click on the underlined category and see what great savings are being offered. If it's not underlined, then its not active yet. This means that we do not have this category filled yet.

Don't fret! We are working daily to add new businesses to our site so you can have a greater selection of choices and savings. If you happen to be a business owner and are interested in advertising your product or service, feel free to give us a call. We'll be more than glad to add you to our site.

The next link you'll find is our email address concerning those person(s) or business(s) interested in advertising with us. We invite you to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity being provided by to advertise. Our rates that are too good to pass up! To receive specific program pricing, please contact or call us at: (805) 526-7205.

And last but not least is the link for removal from our mailing list. Should you desire to not receive anymore information concerning our weekly coupon updates from the local businesses in your community, we will sadly remove you from our list. We do hope however that you will find value in this service and elect to allow us to continue to inform you of the great savings being offered by the businesses close to your home and that you will tell all your family and friends of this great new service. Click here to be removed from our mailing list!