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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What in the heck is this site?

1. What in the heck is this site? is a free service to the consumer. Our website provides an opportunity for everyone to take advantage of savings being offered from the local businesses in their community. The website contains links to coupon offerings by those businesses. The coupons can then be printed from your computer and redeemed at that business(s) location(s) provided on the coupons.

This site was developed to help the individual shopper easily find coupons, discounts and savings from the businesses in their local communities. Our intent is to be able to provide our visitors with quality values and savings for all of there day to day needs along with those once in a blue moon emergencies that also occur from time to time.

We feel that this type of service is invaluable to the consumer as well as the individually owned businesses that cannot afford a high dollar advertising budget. By offering this type of service we are bringing the individual consumers and the local businesses together to help each other grow our relationships in the communities were we live.