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Frequently Asked Questions

2. Why would I even want this?

2. Why would I even want this?
Good Question! We think that you would want this for several reasons.

You most likely receive all kinds of advertising in the mail without asking for it. Many of the traditional forms of advertising cannot be stopped even if you request it because they are mass distributed and those companies do not control the delivery. These types of advertising are an inconvenience and intrusive as well.

Like many of us you probably get upset at the constant barrage of advertisements and throw them away without even looking at it. You constantly have to sort through your mail, pick up the pieces from the ground or remove them from your screen door. This is a pain!!!

You may also receive a weekly newspaper that has tons of coupons each week. If you are a person that likes coupons, you are also paying for that newspaper subscription for delivery.

Then comes the next challenge, cutting up those coupons!!! Getting ink all over your hands!!! Putting them in your drawers and forgetting about them for weeks, months and even years!!!

1001ANDMORE.COM provides free coupons online. You, the consumer have the opportunity to select from a growing list of coupon offerings by the local businesses in your particular community. When you visit our website you can check all the links to the different businesses to see what type of coupons are available.

Should you find a particular coupon of value, you may print them directly from your computer. You can also save them to your hard drive and print later or not do anything at all. Best of all is that you don't need to keep them in your drawers or get your hands dirty trying to separate them from the newspapers or coupon books! All you do is print what you need and leave the rest!!!